The area «operational support» has a special responsibility to ensure transparency and that the Agency clearly expresses its position on matters in the pharmaceutical area. “Operational support” is led by a director and has four units.

Strategic director

Sønneve Ølnes

Tel. +47 971 41 333

Unit for HR and Organisational Development

The unit is responsible for HR and organizational development, which includes recruitment, human resource and leadership training. The unit is also responsible for quality management, internal audits and the system for information security.

Head of unit

Trine Knutsen

Tel. +47 982 57 668

Unit for IT

Unit for IT is responsible for IT management. 

Head of unit

Stine Røtne

Tel. +47 976 66 776

Unit for Economics and Legal Affairs

The unit for economy and law is responsible for finance, accounting, payrolls and law.

Head of unit

Oddny Grete Råd

Tel. +47 906 17 661

Unit for Communication

The unit for communication is responsible for strategic and operational communication work in addition to internal service functions such as the switchboard and organisation of meetings. Communication work includes:

  • Reputation building
  • Social media platforms and the overall management and development of NOMA’s
  • webpage
  • Media monitoring and coordination
  • Graphic charter and production of print, visual and signage matter
  • library services 

Head of unit

Vibeke Åbyholm

Tel. +47 992 85 978

Unit for Records Management

Administers data and documents in the electronic filing system. The unit is responsible for registration and quality control in addition to providing archive-related guidance to other staff. The unit publishes NOMA’s public journal.

Head of unit

Stine Røtne

Tel. +47 976 66 776

Publisert: 17.01.2017

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