Changes to processing times for Clinical Trial Applications (updated November 2021)

​​​​​Please submit all documentation electronically, preferably through the Common European Submission Portal (CESP) or by using Eudralink. Submissions can also be made to

The following information should be included with the submission:

  • Covering letter with reference to EudraCT number and study title. We ask that the cover letter describes whether or not the Sponsor has had clinical trials with the IMP(s) in question in Norway previously, and if so, includes the EudraCT number and perferably the NoMA reference number.
  • Application Form (EudraCT-form) signed by sponsor (scanned pdf file), and in XML. The application form can be found on the EudraCT home page.
  • Protocol, see § 1-5 q) in the regulation
  • Documentation
    • Pharmaceutical-chemical documentation also for placebo
    • Pre/non clinical documentation
    • Clinical documentation
  • Investigators Brochure
  • Labeling proposal (according to Annex 13 of GMP)
  • Copy of the EC decision if available
  • Confirmation of signed insurance
  • Pediatric Committees Final Summary Report for Pediatric Investigational Plan (PDCO Final Summary Report for PIP) if applicable
  • A copy of the Scientific Advice from regulatory authorities, if applicable (ref. EudraCT point D.2.6)


There is a fee of 10.588 NOK for new applications. For substential amendments the fee is 5294 NOK. The Norwegian Medicines Agency will send an invoice to the Sponsor after validation of the clinical trial application. The EudraCT number and our reference number will be on the invoice and sent to the person who signed the EudraCT form unless the Sponsor inform the Agency otherwise. The fee shoud be paid 30 days after a vaild application.

Non-commercial sponsors will not be charged.

Oppdatert: 18.01.2021

Publisert: 27.06.2016

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