​​​​​It is always advisable to carry proof with you that the medicines are for your personal use and have been prescribed to you and purchased lawfully. Examples of such proof are a prescription, medical certificate, pharmacy label on the packaging or a receipt from where you purchased the medicine. Specific rules apply for travel out of Norway with medicines containing narcotic substances or doping products.

Medicines containing narcotic active substances

When travelling to a Schengen country, you can take a quantity equivalent to up to 30 days' use based on the stated dose. We recommend that you carry your Schengen certificate with you. There is no common list of medicines for all the Schengen countries. You must follow the list that applies to the country to which you are travelling. In some countries, you will need to have a Schengen certificate for certain medicines. 

When travelling to countries outside the Schengen area, you must clarify with the authorities of the country you are travelling to what quantities of medicines they allow and what documentation they require. In addition, you should check whether your medication is considered a narcotic in the country you are travelling to, as this may vary from country to country. The Norwegian authorities permit you to take medicines for more than 30 days’ use out of Norway when travelling to a country outside the Schengen area. Upon arrival at your destination, you must be able to prove that you have a medical need for the medicines through a Norwegian medical certificate.

Medicines containing active substances on the doping list

When you are leaving Norway, the Norwegian authorities generally permit you to take medicines that are considered to be doping products in Norway comparable to up to 30 days' use. However, what is considered to be doping products may vary from country to country. In some countries, doping products are covered by the same regulations as narcotic drugs. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the authorities of the country you are travelling to what restrictions may apply to your medicines.

Sending medicines abroad by post

It is prohibited for private individuals to send medicines that contain active substances on the narcotics list or doping list out of the country. The Norwegian Medicines Agency also does not recommend that private individuals send other types of medicines abroad. Ask a pharmacist for assistance if you still need to send medicines. To clarify what is permitted, contact the authorities of the country you are sending the medicines to.

Oppdatert: 01.10.2021

Publisert: 21.01.2021

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