​​Regulations for personal import

A number of conditions must be met in order for the import of medicinal products to be permitted. The medicinal product must be an over-the-counter product and approved in Norway (with Norwegian patient information leaflets and Norwegian labelling text on the package). In practice this means that very few medicinal products can be personally imported.

It is still permitted to bring along medicinal products for personal use while travelling abroad. Read more about bringing medicinal products when travelling​.

Why are there stricter regulations?

The Norwegian Medicines Agency recommends that consumers generally show caution when purchasing medicinal products online, because a number of “pharmacies” on the Internet are operating illegally.  It is highly likely that these medicinal products are counterfeit and do not contain the ingredients listed on the package. Dosages may be too low to be effective, or too high, which increases the risk of serious side-effects. 

Talk to your doctor if you believe you need a medicinal product.

Have you received a notice declaring that your package was seized? 

Norwegian Customs may seize packages they believe to contain illegally imported medicinal products. The postal service or shipping company that brought the goods into Norway will then send a notice to the recipient  declaring that the package has been seized. 

Reasons why medicinal products are seized and not permitted for import to Norway:

  1. The medicinal product has not been approved in Norway (does not have Norwegian marketing authorisation) and does not have Norwegian packaging.
  2. The medicinal product was imported from countries outside the EEA.
  3. The medicinal product is by prescription only in Norway.
  4. The amount exceeds the average three-month period of use.
  5. The medicinal product is meant for use on animals.
  6. The medicinal product is not for personal medical use.

What can you do if you receive a notice?

If you believe that the conditions for legal importation have been met, you must submit an explanation and documentation as proof to the postal service or shipping company (the address will be listed in the notice) within ten days. Remember that the notice you received must be included with your response.

Sensitive information should not be sent by e-mail.

When the postal service or shipping company has forwarded your case to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, we will assess your documentation and explanation. If the import is considered legal, the seized package will be released to you.  If the import is considered illegal, the package will be destroyed.

If your package also contains other legally imported goods, these will be released to you.  ​​​​​​​​

Publisert: 27.06.2016

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