​​Which medicinal products are permitted for personal import?

Only over-the-counter medicinal products for personal medical use that have been approved in Norway (with Norwegian patient information leaflets and Norwegian packaging) are permitted for personal importation.

You can check the following in advance:

Is the product for human use?

The import of medicinal products for use on animals is not permitted.
Has the product been approved (has marketing authorisation) in Norway?

How to find out if the product has been approved for use in Norway:

  1. Go to “Medicinal Product Search”.
  2. Type the name of the product and press “Enter” or use the search button.
  3. If there are no hits on the search, it means that the product has not been approved (has no market authorisation) in Norway. It is therefore not permitted to import the product for personal medical use. NB! You must spell the name of the product correctly in order to find it

If you get a hit on the product name, select the correct packaging and read what is written below the section title "Markedsføringstillatelse" ("Marketing Authorisation”). The following status categories imply that the product has received marketing authorisation in Norway:

  • "Markedsført" (Marketed)
  • "Godkjent, ikke markedsført" (Approved, not marketed)
  • "Midlertidig utgått" (Discontinued)
  • "Godkjent uten norsk PI" (Approved without Norwegian product information)

Is this an over-the-counter product?

The product’s prescription status is listed below the packaging in the “Medicinal Product Search”. Only products with the prescription status “F” (over-the-counter) are permitted to be imported for personal medical use.

Does the packaging have Norwegian labelling text?

Only over-the-counter medicinal products that have been approved in Norway are permitted to be imported. This means that package leaflets and labelling text must be in Norwegian. ​​

Publisert: 27.06.2016

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