General reimbursement - preapproved medicines reimbursement - preapproved medicinesPreapproved medicines available for general reimbursement ensures that the patient gets part of the medicine expenses covered by the state when having a severe and prolonged illness. This ensures access to medicines regardless of financial situation.431
Application for reimbursement for reimbursementA pharmaceutical company can apply for preapproved reimbursement for a drug that has received marketing authorization441
Hospital pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticalsNew and costly methods provide opportunities for health gain. But they also present challenges related to prioritization and resource allocation. 443
Maximum price priceHere you will find information about price applications and reevaluation of prices. 782
The Norwegian health care system and pharmaceutical system Norwegian health care system and pharmaceutical systemAn introcuction for foreigners with a comprehensive presentation of the pharmaceutical system, pricing and reimbursement in Norway.436

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