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To deal with the above, a national system for the assessment of new and costly methods in the specialist health service has now been introduced.

NOMA’s contribution:

  • Assess whether the new drugs are cost-effective (societal level)
  • Consider whether priority criteria are met
  • Calculate costs (incurred by the hospitals) when they take up new pharmaceuticals

Read more about the national system for the introduction of new health technologies within the specialist health service on the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s website.

Template for submission of documentation for Single Technology Assessment of pharmaceuticals

The national system for the introduction of new health technologies within the specialist health service involves the use of single technology assessments when introducing medical devices, diagnostic measures, procedures and pharmaceuticals.

Two STA templates have been developed:

  1. Template on submission of documentation for the STA of medical devices, diagnostic methods and procedures. See Norwegian Institute of Public Health for more information.
  1. The template on submission of documentation for the STA of pharmaceuticals.

Preassessment/ preparatory meetings

NOMA offers guidance that can be used to identify and discuss ambiguities that may arise in the process and preparation of documentation for the STA of a given drug. A guidance for these meetings is prepared.​

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