Much of the information on this website has recently been updated according to changes in regulations from January 1 2018​.



Horizon scanning or request for assessment scanning or request for assessmentHorizon scanning shall ensure that new and important health technologies are identified and prioritised for health technology assessment.1941
Pipeline- meetings meetingsNOMA seeks to contribute to map new drugs and indications expected to be launched in Norway in the foreseeable future. As a step in this process, the pharmaceuticals companies are invited to take part in the pipeline meetings held by "Sykehusinnkjøp".1951
Submission of documentation for single technology assessment of pharmaceuticals of documentation for single technology assessment of pharmaceuticalsAll new pharmaceuticals with Marketing Authorisation are subject to a single technology assessment (STA) before they can be publicly funded either by the Regional Health Authorities (Nye metoder) or under the National Insurance Scheme (folketrygden). 1932Guidelines and template for documentation.
Single technology assessments - status and reports technology assessments - status and reportsThe current status of single technology assessments (STAs) and a list of STA reports.1940
Maximum price priceHere you will find information about price applications and reevaluation of prices. 782
The Norwegian health care system and pharmaceutical system Norwegian health care system and pharmaceutical systemAn introcuction for foreigners with a comprehensive presentation of the pharmaceutical system, pricing and reimbursement in Norway.436

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