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Tasks are currently being duplicated and this cost overview will help to ease the work through enabling use of previously assessed unit costs. It is not an absolute requirement that these costs are used, but they may be used if they are appropriate and labour-saving.

The overview is intended for guidance. This means that even though the costs have been used/assessed previously, it cannot be assumed that they have been used correctly in all cases. Assumptions are often made when calculating costs and it is recommended that the cited sources are considered in more detail before a unit cost is used. This means that, if they are relevant, the costs can be used without an extensive verification, description and references (other than referring to this cost database). If you wish to use other costs, you can of course do so, provided you explain why.

The work on the unit cost list is ongoing. Updating and maintaining such a list is time-consuming, and it is not yet determined how comprehensive the list should be. The Norwegian Medicines Agency has neither the intention nor the required resources to produce a comprehensive database but the overview of unit costs will cover the most frequently used costs. We will therefore start with a short list which can subsequently be extended over time. The Norwegian Medicines Agency would like feedback on what costs should be prioritised for inclusion in such a list, remarks concerning costs already included in the list and any other relevant remarks.

The calculation year is specified so that the costs can be adjusted by the relevant price index where appropriate.

Prices are stated in NOK.

Oppdatert: 06.12.2019

Publisert: 16.01.2019

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