​​​​​​​​​Determination of maximum price

All registered, prescription-only medicines (POM) for humans must have a maximum price, set by the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA), before they can be marketed in Norway. The market authorization-holder must apply for a maximum price.


The maximum pharmacy purchase price (PPP) and the pharmacy mark-up is determined by NOMA. The maximum PPP and mark-up add up to the maximum pharmacy retail price (PRP).

The maximum PPP is set as the mean of the three lowest market prices of the product in a selection of European countries. The price comparison group includes Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Ireland. For more information regarding price setting see the following link:

In the 1nd quarter of 2023, 39​% of the price applications were processed within 50 days. In the preceeding quarter the result was 67%. The average processing time in the 2nd quarter of 2023 was 39 days.​​

Exchange rate

Prices from the reference countries are submitted in local currency. To convert prices into Norwegian kroner (NOK), NOMA uses the mean exchange rate of the last six months, as presented by the Central Bank of Norway (www.norges-bank.no).

List of products with maximum prices

The list shows the maximum PPP (exclusive VAT) and the maximum PRP (inclusive VAT).Please note that actual prices may be lower than maximum prices stated.

The Health Enterprises (hospitals) usually obtain discounts in their purchases.

The Directorate of Health have entered into managed-e​ntry ​agreements (MEA) with MA-holders for Repatha, Praluent, Aimovig, Ajovy and Emgality. The MEAs include an agreed and confidential discount for medicines reimbursed by the National Insurance Scheme.

There is no price regulation for over the counter medicines, products without marketing authorization and veterinary medicines.

Reevaluation of maximum prices

The marketing authorization holder and NOMA may initiate a reevaluation of the maximum prices. However, adjustments should normally not occur more frequently than once per year. NoMA reevaluates the maximum price for the active ingredients with the highest turnover. The purpose is to ensure that the maximum prices reflect the developments in European prices.​​

Bindings on the maximum price which are due to the Medicines Agency’s prior decisions about reimbursement by the National Insurance Scheme, cease when medicines aretransferred to reimbursement on H-prescription.

When reimbursement of a stepped price medicine is transferred from the National Insurance Scheme to H-prescription, the stepped price ceases from the same date as agreed price between The Norwegian Hospital Procurement Trust (Sykehusinnkjøp HF) and the suppliers enters into force.        

In the end of August/early September each year, NoMA p​ublishes the reevaluation order for the upcoming year. NOMA determines the active ingredients that will be reconsidered, and in what order.

Timetable for reevalution of prices 2022
Timetable for reevalution of prices 2023

List of products that NOMA will ask for in ​the following month.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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