​​​​​​Proposed and ongoing STAs

The NoMA  har a goal to assess​ hospital pharmaceuticals within 180 days from receipt of the complete documentation. For STAs for pharmaceuticals which are subject to financing over the National Insurance Scheme, a "clock-stop" procedure applies in some cases.

To your information, the list for "hospital and non-hospital pharmaceticals" has not been updated since 08.12.2021. There is a prosess undergoing regarding change​ of our reporting routines.   

Current asessment status for STAs: 

If a new pharmaceutical is not included in the lists, the pharmaceutical may still have been notified in the horizon scanning process - check the list of horizon scanning notifications.
Furthermore, you can search for pharmaceuticals which are to be assessed for funding by the Specialist Health Service at www.nyemetoder.no.

Published STA reports ("metodevurderinger")

A list of STA reports regardless of funding source is available.

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The pharmaceuticals are sorted by invented names/ trade names.

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Publisert: 16.01.2019

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