​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Centralised Procedure


Commission Regulation (EU) No 712/2012 amending Variations Regulation (EC) No 1234/2008 entered into force on 24th August 2012. ​

​The provisions governing the variation of marketing authorisations granted under Regulation 726/2004 for CAP (central authorized products) applies from 2nd November 2012.

The revision of the Variations Regulation has resulted in changes in time relative to the amendment of the marketing authorisation. For variations that do require amendments of the marketing authorisation within two months, listed in Article 23(1a)(a), the Commission will amend the marketing authorisation to reflect the variation accordingly. Other variations will receive an amendment of the marketing authorisation within a year.

Variations listed in Article 23(1a)(a) may only be implemented once the Commission has amended the marketing authorisation. Variations that do not require any amendment of the marketing authorisation or follow a yearly update of the respective Commission decision can be implemented once the MAH has been informed of the favourable outcome by the European Medicines Agency. When a variation includes changes to the product information the MAH must wait for the finalisation of the linguistic-review process by the European Medicines Agency before implementing the variation.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency will continue to update our database continuously. We will however no longer publish the Norwegian product information on our website, as from now on there will be a link to the annexes at the European Medicines Agency website.

MAHs do no longer need to send the latest approved Norwegian product information in Word format to the Norwegian Medicine Agency.

In some cases, i.e. new pack size, the Norwegian Medicines Agency will send a request for the required additional information to update our database. ​​

National procedure/Mutual Recognition Procedure

Transfer of the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) from one company to another (other legal entity). ​

​The transfer of a Marketing Authorisation (MA) from one company to another legal entity is not classified in the Variation Regulation. The Norwegian medicines Agency consider this as a A. Administrative variation, z) other variation, Type IB.

Please be aware that if the name of the medicinal product contains the name of the MA Holder, a notification of change in name must also be submitted. This is classified as an administrative variation nr A.2 in the Variation Regulation.

Change in MA Holder will also imply variation to the pharmacovigliance system. This is in the new Variation Regulation classified as a variation no. C.I.8 “ Introduction of a new pharmacovigliance system”.

If the product is approved via the Mutual Recognition- or Decentralised Procedure, The transfer of MA to a new legal entity is regarded a purely national variation, while the change in name and variation to the pharmacovigliance system will have to be notified through the EU-procedure.

All information applicable for the product, like renewal date, is also valid after the transfer.

The following is to be submitted for the notification of change in MA Holder to another legal entity:

  • Application form ticked: A. Administrative variation, z)other variation Type IB
  • Confirmation from both parties on the agreement of transfer. It should also be confirmed that the transfer do not imply other changes to the product.
  • Summary of Product Information, SmPC
  • Patient Information Leaflet, PIL
  • Labelling (mock-ups)

Response from the Norwegian Medicines Agency

​The new MA Holder will receive a confirmation​ of the transfer, together with approved SmPC, PIL and labeling. The previous MA Hold​​er receives a copy of the confirmation.​

Change in name and address of the MA Holder – same legal entity

This is classified as Variation A.1, Type IAIN , where the MA Holder may change the name and/or address, but where the legal entity is the same.

Conditions and documentation: See the Commission guideline

In the case where several products are to be transferred, only one application form will need to be submitted, with an annexed list of applicable products.

Article 61(3) Notifications regarding nationally approved medicinal products in Norway

Article 61(3) notifications are changes to the package leaflet (PIL) and/or the labelling not affecting the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).

61(3) notifications for medicinal products authorized through the national procedure are submitted to pi@noma.no, with the filled in form attached.

Art 61(3) notification national procedure

Veterinary products

For veterinary products changes to the package leaflet and/or the labelling not affecting the SmPC must be made by submitting a C.II.6 variation.

What is not considered a 61(3) notification?

  • Corrections/updates to the Norwegian product information.
    We encourage the applicant to include corrections to the SmPC/PIL as part of an ongoing or an upcoming procedure amending the product informaion (type I or type II).
  • Changes to the SmPC
    An update of the SmPC to implement changes in the SmPC, not already covered by the classification guideline and for which no new data are required, should be submitted as a C.I.z, type IB variation (CMDh Q&A on variations).

Completion of variations

Completion of variations- feedback from the Norwegian Medicines Agency

Data presented in the variation tables intends to give the timeframe and the format of the final response from NoMA, if any, regarding variation applications according to the variation Regulation, as well as Notifications 61(3) according to the national legislation § 9-2 Legemiddelforskriften ref Art 61(3) Dir 2001/83/EC. The variation procedures concerned are: IA/IAIN, IB and II, where the variation result amends the Product Information in Norwegian (PINO) including labeling, or the variation result does not amend the PINO.

The assessment of the variation types in NoMA is mostly proceeded through an electronic workflow management system (SAM). This is the reason why the national update dates for type IAIN and IB variations, where Norway is CMS in MRP, are not identical with the end of pr​ocedure date, for the time being.

NoMA reserves the right of making exemptions from the tables. As national authority, NoMA has the possibility and responsibility of assessing certain medicinal products/variations on individual basis. This may cause extraordinary timetables and formats for approval, which can deviate from the data specified in the tables that follow.

Combined variation types are listed in the last table below in order to provide you with either useful links on NoMA’s website or contact information.

For further information, please contact the appropriate department / section in NoMA. See our contact list/contact list for the Regulatory Department.

Publisert: 19.08.2016



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