The stepped price system covers about 35 percent of all medicine packages sold on prescription to Norwegian customers. It is therefore vital that Norway receives stable deliveries of these medicines.

A united industry, through the Norwegian Pharmacy Association, Legemiddelindustrien, pharmaceutical wholesalers and generic suppliers, has proposed a raft of measures aimed at avoiding a situation where generic supplies withdraw from the Norwegian market. The authorities' response includes the introduction of a temporary measure where stepped price suppliers can apply to the Norwegian Medicines Agency to sell foreign packages in the event of supply interruption.

The measure applies even if other suppliers market Norwegian packages in the same substitution group. The foreign packages will replace the supplier's own products. It is also a prerequisite that the foreign packages are sold at stepped prices.

Electronic application

The application must be submitted electronically in connection with the supplier's notification of supply interruption/shortages to the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Electronic applications to sell foreign packages must be submitted via a form which can be found on our website.

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The supplier must also ensure that the pharmacy makes product information in Norwegian available to customers.

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